Are Vitamins Fattening?

Too many people are wondering if vitamins are fattening! Unfortunately in the day and age that we live in, we find that many people are focusing on the wrong aspects of their health. Though vitamins are essential to ensure that your body runs properly, it is also of concern if they happen to contain too many calories. The truth is that vitamins are not fattening and therefore should always be part of your daily regimen.
No Fat Here

First and foremost a true vitamin contains zero calories. The problem is that there are many products out on the market that tell you that they are vitamin based or that they are all that you need and they can tend to be higher in fat. These are not the real thing and therefore may contain fattening preservatives as part of them. People have been steered in the wrong direction for so long that now they run scared every time that this comes up. Vitamin fillers may be fattening and so too those products posing as vitamins!

A true and pure vitamin is not fattening in the least! It does not contain any calories and even if it had minimal calories it’s an essential part of the diet. Your body does need fat as part of the regimen it requires to keep healthy. Without fat you end up getting undesirable results and therefore fat is important. Even knowing this fact though it’s important to recognize that vitamins do not contain fat and are not going to add to your daily caloric intake.

Ignore the Myths

These are many myths out there amongst those that are focused solely on weight loss. Though this trend is understandable with so many people being overweight you need to cut calories from the right place. Vitamins offer your body the nutrients that it requires to fun and function properly. They may even be more important in times of dieting to help fill in any gaps that you may need nutritionally. No matter what, vitamins should be a mainstay in the diet all the time. They are not fattening and will give you exactly what you need!