Signs of Vitamin Deficiency

Top Signs of Vitamin Deficiency

Signs of vitamin deficiency can have a pretty far reach. Though there are some symptoms that are common amongst the various vitamins out there, some are very specific to what you may be lacking. The list of possible symptoms can tend to be as long as the list of vitamins that you need for your best life. Though there are some common signs to watch for, recognize that this can be an individual thing too. Knowing what to look for can however be quite helpful!

What Can You Look For?

So what do you look for as the top signs of vitamin deficiency? The most common symptom seems to always be fatigue. The problem with this is that fatigue alone can be a symptom of so many other things. It can also be a sign that you are not leading a healthy enough life or not getting ample rest. So fatigue alone isn’t enough, but when partnered with something else it can show deficiency very evidently.

A few other top signs of some sort of vitamin deficiency can include problems with vision, skin, or hair. Since B vitamins play such an important role in each of these functions, they are often to blame. It is important to recognize though that may vitamins show themselves as lacking in this manner. This can range from blurred vision to cataracts. It can show up as a sensitivity to sunlight or even to spots on the skin. You may notice that the hair is brittle or just breaking off totally.

Some Things are More Obvious

Anytime that you notice that the nails are breaking off or that you are having trouble with your mouth in some way this can also be a top sign. Many deficiencies present themselves in more obvious ways such as an inflated tongue or sores in the mouth. You may feel these symptoms and then a total lack of energy.

You may even get sick as some vitamins work to boost your immune system and if you are lacking them then you are bound to get sick more often. If you suspect anything visit your doctor but it can be helpful to know that reintroducing vitamins each day can be the best cure for any sort of deficiencies that you may suffer from.