Causes of Vitamin Deficiency

The causes of vitamin deficiency may be greater than you think. This is a causes_vitamin_Deficiencyvery common issue and yet so few of us are in tune to the factors that put us at risk. Some of them may be caused from a certain lifestyle, others from something specific in our bodies, and still others are just more vulnerable. Understanding the causes and potential risk factors is a good idea for anyone.

Learning What is Causing the Problem

Some causes of vitamin deficiency come about due to a factor that is beyond your control. Those who have asthma or who suffer from depression may be more prone to some types of deficiencies. With asthma the body may have low levels of magnesium, and with depression it may either cause the deficiency or be made worse due to it. Whatever the cause if you suffer from either health problem it may be wise to take a good multivitamin each day.

There are some causes of vitamin deficiency that may come about due to a certain condition or circumstance. You may find that if you have just had surgery you are more likely to be lacking certain vitamins due to the fact that you aren’t eating properly and perhaps your body is taking everything it’s got to recover. You may also need to pay special attention to your vitamin levels if you are pregnant or nursing. The baby can tend to take everything out of you, leaving you feeling more zapped of energy than usual.

Help Yourself in Coping with the Problem

There are certain conditions that may lead to a vitamin deficiency. You may find that those who are under a great deal of stress may be lacking in certain vitamins. Those that drink excessive alcohols are often deficient in one or more of the most important vitamins. Even smoking can rob the body of the nutrients that it needs and they must therefore be replenished. One of the most important to pay attention to is alcohol because it alone robs the body of all vitamins and minerals.

No matter what the reason vitamin deficiencies can be very serious and can lead to other health problems. If you have any symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, nervousness, depression, or if you are getting sick a lot then it’s best to get your levels checked.