Natural Health Remedies

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[fusion_text]It’s rather unfortunate that for whatever reason many of us aren’t in tune to just how beneficial Vitamin A is for us. This is one powerful compound as it can help to regulate so much of what our body does. If you are taking a multivitamin then you are hopefully getting proper levels of consumption of this key nutrient. If you haven’t focused much time on Vitamin A in your life, then it’s time to recognize just how important it is.

What Does It Do for Us?

Let’s start by analyzing all of the wonderful benefits that Vitamin A provides to us. We can look to Vitamin A for some amazing health benefits such as: It plays an important role in vision, bone growth, reproduction, cell division, and cell differentiation. It also helps to regulate the immune system and therefore prevents or fights off infections. Vitamin A helps in making white blood cells that can destroy harmful bacteria that may enter the body, as well as helping with the production of healthy surface linings of the eyes, respiratory, and intestinal tracts. It can help the skin and mucous membranes within the body function as a barrier to harmful bacteria.

If you didn’t recognize the many roles that Vitamin A plays, now you can see how crucial it is as part of your life. Not only does it regulate important functions within the body, but it also ensures that you have the ability to fight off infection. This is one powerful nutrient!

How Can You Get It and What Happens If You Don’t?

Taking a multivitamin is your best bet in ensuring that you consume proper levels of Vitamin A on a daily basis. Since this is such a key nutrient, most multivitamins will include the appropriate levels that an adult should take each day. You can turn to certain foods that are rich in Vitamin A to help you even further.[/fusion_text]