Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose 10 pounds or 100, you need to take the same approach in order to achieve maximum results. Keep these simple tips in mind and use them as often as possible and you can expect to see weight loss results without the use of special diet fads. Although there are many vitamins and supplements that can aid you on the journey to optimum weight, the tried and true methods of food portions and exercise levels are the only true path to weight security.

Lose weight nowTwo of the biggest determining factors in weight loss are the amount of energy we take into our bodies through food versus the amount of energy we exert each day to burn those calories. We use calories to measure the amount of energy burned during periods of activity. If you have achieved a balance between food intake and exercise, your weight should remain constant. If you find yourself putting on pounds as time goes on, you have an imbalance.

Food We Ingest

Since we are ultimately in control of how much and what types of food we ingest, we are therefore in charge of how many calories we add to our daily count. Consequently, we are also in charge of how much energy we burn through exercise, depending on our metabolic rate and physical activity level.

Some people have genetic and other inherited traits that can cause their metabolic rate to be higher or lower than the average, but our weight is also determined by how many calories we burn while in a resting position. Basically, the better you burn calories while at rest, the lower your weight will be overall. A 200 pound male requires much less food and energy to stay at the same weight than a male who weighs 300 pounds or more.

The way you live your life and the job you do each day also plays a determining factor in weight. Obviously, jobs with extreme physical labor requirements will easily burn more calories than an employee who sits at a desk for most to all of their day. Any person interested in making changes to their weight while working a desk job should make an extra effort to eat right and maintain optimum levels of physical activity in order to avoid weight gain and health decline.