Improve Brain Function and Heart Health

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Improve Brain Function and Heart Health

Cheapest Vitamins knows that most of the time you tend to hear about other B vitamins before you hear about Vitamin B-1. Truthfully though this is a compound that can offer some very unique benefits to your health and well being and therefore you do want to be sure you are getting proper levels of it. It is one of the lesser known B vitamins but it packs a powerful punch that your body can’t live without.

Known by Another Name with Great Functionality 

Vitamin B-1 doesn’t get as much attention because it is known by a different name. Many people recognize it as thiamin and know that this is a nutrient that you don’t want to be without. This is one of the B vitamins that helps the body convert good into fuel—taking carbohydrates and turning them into glucose that the body needs to function.

It is therefore a natural source of energy that the body can’t live without. Your body uses all of the B vitamins together and therefore Vitamin B-1 happens to be part of a very powerful compound. Vitamin B-1 plays a part in helping the body to metabolize fats and proteins. It is needed for healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver. Vitamin B-1 may also contribute to the nervous system functioning properly and to proper brain function. Cheapest Vitamins knows it is too important to be without!

You Need B-1 in Proper Amounts

If you take a good multivitamin from Cheapest Vitamins each day then you are likely getting proper levels of all the B vitamins including B-1. This was the first of the B vitamins to be discovered and has made its place in health and nutrition by the name of the nutrient thiamin.

Vitamin B-1 it is found in plants and animals naturally, we don’t store it within our bodies. If you go even two weeks without this nutrient, it can have some adversse effects. Not only will you lack energy without proper Vitamin B-1 consumption, but you may suffer from other health issues as well.  Signs of a severe B-1deficiency may be neurological diseases such as Beriberi. Other neurological or even cardiovascular health problems may arise if not enough Vitamin B-1 is present in the body.

Though a multivitamin from Cheapest Vitamins is a great way to ensure proper consumption, you can also turn to certain foods to complement this Foods that are rich in Vitamin B-1 include cauliflower, beans, carrots, and beets. Get your Vitamin B-1 from Cheapest Vitamins today to stay healthy and gain that all important energy![/fusion_text]