Best Way to Take Vitamins

vitamin_absorptionThe best way to take vitamins may be a heavily debated topic. Some have their way of doing things and would argue that this is the only way. Others feel that their method works well for them and therefore would suggest it to others. Whatever your train of thought is on the topic, there are some great ways to ensure you get the most out of your vitamins, including liquids, powders, capsules, and traditional supplements. The good news it, you can always try something else if one product doesn’t work for you.

Pick a Good Time of Day and Method

In figuring the best way to take vitamins start by focusing in on the time of day that you take them. Many experts would tell you that you should take your vitamins in the morning to get the most out of them. Your body has time to properly absorb them and then utilize them throughout the day. You can get energy from them and also be enjoying the nutrients as you move about your day and encounter various environments and even toxins.

It is an important point that you should plan to take vitamins with food. If you have ever taken vitamins on an empty stomach then you know firsthand that this will often make you sick. There’s something about the vitamins, particularly if there happens to be any iron in them, that can really upset an empty stomach. So if you do take them in the morning be sure that it is with food to protect yourself.

Find Your Best Equation

Though some would argue that liquid format is best, most of us tend to take vitamins in a pill or tablet format. This is how you find most vitamins for adults, particularly multivitamins that give you everything that you need. Though kids vitamins come in many creative forms, the tables are your best bet as an adult.

A final part of the equation that is quite important is of course what types of vitamins that you take. No matter what you should plan on taking a multivitamin each and every day. This will ensure that you get proper levels of all key vitamins and that’s a great starting point. If you have a deficiency with some specific vitamin or have certain health issues that you want to focus on, then you may take other supplements with your multivitamin as well.