All About Vitamin Absorption

You probably don’t think all about vitamin absorption when you purchase your vitamins. Chances are that you either buy one multivitamin or a few supplements to complement each other. You focus on what your specific health needs are and turn to vitamins to help you fill the gap. This makes sense but if you aren’t thinking of proper vitamin absorption then you may be in for a rude awakening. If your body isn’t getting proper absorption then all of your effort is for nothing.

Read the Labels

vitamin_absorptionAnother thing to consider is if your particular vitamin supplement has any issues with absorption. For example calcium and Vitamin D work hand in hand to ensure proper absorption within the body. One goes hand in hand with the other and therefore it can be wise to take them together. This will keep things working properly and ensure that your body gets what you needs out of the supplements and nutrients.Not all vitamins are created equally and therefore you want to be sure that you get one with the right coating. Since some vitamins are water soluble and some are not, you want to be sure that the bottle of vitamins that you get addressed absorption. An enteric coating is ideal for proper absorption and if it’s not spelled out then it should say something about it on the bottle.

Getting It In and Getting to Work

If your body isn’t fully absorbing all of the nutrients that you provide it, then you are not getting everything you need out of your vitamins. What this means is that the vitamins should enter the bloodstream and start going to work relatively quickly. This is why there are various forms of vitamins and why absorption is so important overall.

So the next time you go to purchase or take your daily vitamin think about absorption for a moment. This is how you get the nutrients that you need and how you ensure that your vitamins are actually effective. Be in tune to this and if possible change things up so that you get the most out of your daily supplements that you can. It’s all for good health so it’s well worth the effort of looking into it!